Wang Qingyu: Classical Chinese Life Science – Fengshui and Bazi

Wang Qingyu

Respected Daoist medicine elder Prof. Wang Qingyu speaks about bazi astrology, fengshui, and other traditional life sciences. In this concise presentation, he elaborates on Sun Simiao’s credo that the immersion in the pre-medical protosciences of ancient China is of great benefit for every classically trained physician. Furthermore, he introduces a convenient way that enables anyone to integrate five element birth charts into their everyday practice. (In Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles) (Running time: 21 mins.)





  1. Alexander Yakhnis, PhD says:

    Dear Heiner, fengshui-bazi-Chinese medicine video is an excellent contributon to bring our attention to the union of human health and life, Dao, heaven, and earth.
    That union allows us to predict an sickness from the human’s birth chart. The same union allows us to design and orient a house in space to protect a the health of a family that would live in it and influence its good fortune.
    Dr. Wang Qingyu points out other items that emphasize the unity of a human, earth and heaven. He says that fengshui belongs to a category of Chinese science that is called KanYu. Here he says Kan is Dao of heaven and Yu is the Dao of earth.
    Dr. Qingyu gives examples how Heaven reflects in human body. One of them is that the number of stars in heaven (apparently Ancient Chinese count) is equal to the number of skin pores in a human. The number of seasons (4) is the same as the number of human’s extremities (4). The number (5) of phenomena representing weather- rain, thunder, lightning, clouds, and hail is the same as the number of major organ systems in a human (5).
    Dr. Qingyu states that among human, earth, heaven, and Dao, Dao is the highest . He says that Dao expresses the highest rationality in the universe. Interestingly, there is a saying in Dao Te Ching that states the same idea a little differently by appending an extra item to the four entities above. The chinese term for this item is ZiRan. It usually translates as natural order, law, or simply nature. The respective saying is well known: man follows Earth, Earth follows Heaven, Heaven follows Dao, Dao follows Nature ( ZiRan).
    Both Dr. Qingyu and Dao Te Ching statements underscore the idea of order and rationality in the universe as well as the underlying principles that govern the Universe changes and movements including the changes in a human. This central theme to Chinese culture underlies the scientific feel that this culture evokes for everyone who respectfully looks into its depth.
    Not accidentally, fengshui, bazi, and Chinese medicine look similar to a western science fields like theoretical mechanics or physical chemistry with regard to their rationality and keenness to detail each of these disciplines addresses its respective phenomena. A big surprise is that Dr. Qingyu singles out just two Westerner’s who he considers uniquely qualified to develop a calculator that allows users to predict a sickness for one of 720 birth charts. About two years ago I have taken a course from emei Qigong Grandmaster Fu (visiting US regularly for the past 10-15 years). His method allows to make sickness prediction for all of the 10 million possible birth charts. He also presents a qigong method that assigns a a qigong treatment for each of these birth charts. This method is likely to produce a cure in 3 years if started not two late in the respective human life.
    Thank you, for your admirable work, Alexander

  2. Dear Alexander, thank you much for your thoughtful comments. Fengshui, Bazi, Qimen Dunjia etc. are indeed an elaborate macrocosmic science that provide the backdrop for the microcosmic science of Chinese medicine, and that at an earlier time were very much intertwined with Chinese medicine. There are many experts in this field, spread all over the cities and villages of Southeast Asia. At the time of the recording, Dr. Wang had just been visited by Steve and Tisha Vollum. He was particularly impressed by their interest in Fengshui and Bazi and the related creation of their elaborate project, and wanted to honor them for that.

  3. Alexander Yakhnis, PhD says:

    Thank you very much Heiner, for settling my surprise so shortly after your extensive presentations at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Conference at San Diego! Would these presentations be made available for listening viewing in some way?
    Thank you. Alexander

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